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We know what we do

Seve Ehituse AS belongs to the first generation of companies that were created after the restoration of independence. As the company grew up alongside the new Republic of Estonia, we also went through all possible growing pains together. Summer 2020 we celebrated already our 25th anniversary. By today we can say that we know exactly what we do and we do it well.

The houses we have built until January 2023 can be listed as follows:

in Estonia – 150 private houses, terraced houses and summer cottages;

since 2003:
in Finland – 30 private and terraced houses, two of which were especially demanding objects in the Finnish housing fair of 2009 in Valkeakoski and 2011 in Kokkola;

in Sweden – 40 private houses, terraced houses and summer cottages;

in Norway – 1200 private and terraced houses, along with 2 kindergartens;

in Iceland – from 2017 we have built 160 private and terraced houses;

in Faroe islands– from 2018 we have built 75 private and terraced houses, along with 1 kindergarten;

In 2014 we entered the Swiss market.

We have ca 1000 satisfied customers from whom you can ask for feedback, as they can introduce us most objectively. Feel free to ask for the contacts!

  • We have the construction licence of Estonia since 1995.
  • The Norwegian contracting construction licence in risk class II, which enables us to independently take responsibility for our construction work in the strictly regulated market, was issued to Seve Ehituse AS in 2015.
  • The company employs altogether 10 engineers or architects with higher education.
  • The construction teams are very experienced, having built 50 houses on the average, however, some teams have already constructed 200 houses. In addition, we have long cooperation experience with great subcontractors and specialists.

Construction has always been related to resolving many simple and serious situations. Doing this smoothly and in a customer-oriented manner is what shows the constructor’s quality.

Also, we are partners to our customers after the house is finished.

We build today what is required tomorrow

  • The first passive house was constructed already in 2011 for the Finnish housing fair in Kokkola.
  • The first low-energy house meeting NS3700 standard was constructed in 2011 in Oslo.
  • The first Estonian plus-energy house was constructed in 2014.
  • The second Estonian plus-energy house was constructed in 2014.
  • A wooden structure five-storey apartment building with 18 apartments was constructed in Northern Norway in 2012.
  • In 2015 the first zero-energy apartment buildings were constructed only from eco-label materials in Norway.

As construction work is a large and important investment for our clients, we are very serious about our job. We build a house in months, but people live in them for years. That is why we have set high standards for our work in the factory as well as the construction site.

  • In Seve Ehituse AS all house elements are prepared indoors in controlled humidity.
  • All production materials are stored in waterproof storehouses.
  • We use only certified materials and controlled solutions.
  • All timber is cut with Weinmann full-automatic sawing line which is unique in Estonia. This machine enables more precision and productivity than manual work.

Production with ISO 9001:2008 certificate and CE-marking

In the whole production and construction process the Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001 is strictly followed since 2014.

Since November 2015, we have used an ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, which audits are carried out on an annual basis and the system is being improved/upgraded on an ongoing basis.

The load-bearing structures of the roofs of Seve Ehituse AS have CE-marking since 2014.

In August 2015 Seve Ehituse AS was granted Norwegian Central Building License for risk class 2

CE_cert     bmtrada   ukas Norra ehituslitsents

We are a family company


We build people homes. As we are closely connected to our loved ones every day, we are able to focus on what is important.  Understanding and caring for one another is conveyed to the houses built by us and we wish that all the families living in them would be happy.


  • Seve Ehituse AS is also one of the largest employers of the deaf in Estonia. Today 15% of our employees are deaf.


We offer to employees:

  • meaningful work with challenges
  • personal and professional development and growth
  • supportive team

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